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COALA COVERSAFE™ is a self-adhesive film with outstanding anti-microbial properties.

It can be easily applied to all types of surfaces, such as tables and door handles.

Effective against viruses (including the SARS-COV2 responsible for the COVID 19), bacteria, yeasts and molds, COALA COVERSAFE™ strongly limits the spread of viruses and bacteria and protects humans. 


  • A rapid action example on:
    - Coronavirus 229E: 90% in 1 hour;>99.9% in 24 hours
    - Coronavirus SARS-COV2: 96% in 1 hour
  • A permanent and stable action over time (technology validated for 4 years of continuous use, without loss of efficiency)
  • Discreet once applied (thin, transparent, thin)
  • Easy installation and removal without residue
  • Can be cleaned with common cleaning products (soap, bleach, disinfectant) without degradation of the antimicrobial activity
  • PVC free
  • A natural and biocompatible technology, without releasing (no danger for the skin)

Examples of where it can be used:

96 Hour Delivery

We can offer a 96 hour delivery service. 

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