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COVID-19 has changed the workplace forever. 

Due to the current situation how employees interact with their workplaces, and new ways of working are required to get employees back into the office safely.

With our partners, we can provide workspace management software and solutions that allow employees to schedule desks, find colleagues and be kept informed of changes to their working environments.

Reduce workspace density.

Desk Scheduling.

Easily adjust your existing workspace for effective social distancing by reducing the number of usable desks and the capacity of meeting rooms. 

Control space and capacity

Workplace density.

Limit the maximum number of people who can safely use each workspace and reduce available space by restricting the number of days an employee is able to book a desk in the office. 

Effective workspace sanitisation.

Workspace sanitisation.

Ensuring that workspaces are kept clean between uses to prevent any possible spread of infection, and preventing spaces from being used until sanitisation processes take place, is essential. 

Office contact tracing.

Contact tracing.

React quickly to anyone who could potentially spread infection by tracking which employees have come into contact and where they've worked, so that appropriate isolation and sanitisation measures can be enacted. 

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