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How The POSH and Walters Limited ensure professionalism on and off the pitch.

In 1921 Pat Tirrel announced that he was looking for POSH players for a POSH team and this is the sentiment that Peterborough United (also known as 'The POSH') had in mind when they were looking to freshen up their corporate boxes; Walters were more than happy to help. 

At A Glance


> They were looking to freshen up their corporate boxes.

> Wanted to create a modern, relaxed and enjoyable environment for their fans whilst watching them play. 


> Created a flexible space that lifted the environment.

> Easily configurable boxes that allow the user to adjust the furniture to suit their individual requirements. 

> Now have hospitality boxes which reflect the ambition and drive of the Club.

Managed Print Service (MPS)

Office Interiors.

Creating a positive and inspiring workspace is important. 

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