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#WeAre Walters

Why choose us? Here are a few good reasons...

No minimum order value

We don't have a minimum order value, and offer free delivery when you place an order over £50.

Home Deliveries & Easy Returns

Whether working at home or in the office, we can deliver to anywhere in the UK, at no extra cost. Our easy-to-return policy ensures that customer satisfaction is kept at the forefront of our business. 

Reduce your environmental impact

We are proud to be awarded the iiE Green and ISO14001 Accreditations which is why we encourage our customers to combine orders to decrease the number of deliveries made and reduce their environmental impact.

Quickly reorder your essentials

With access to your order history, past invoices and 20,000 products to choose from our online ordering platform allows to easily reorder and restock your office's stationery essentials. Click on the button below to set this up.

Favourable payment terms

By streamlining your suppliers to just Walters, you can wave goodbye to constant price checking, multiple order placements, administrating separate payments, maintaining numerous supplier relationships and onerous contracts - we do it all. 

Dedicated Team

No matter how big or small the order, our Dedicated Team are on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly for your business. 

Talk to Us.